BapScarCare Silicone Gel, 20g


Bapscarcare Gel ensures that scars become flatter, more supple and thinner. Complaints  as persistent redness,  itching, restriction of movement at joints, discomfort and cosmetic concerns are reduced.

The gel can be used for both old and new scars:

  • Treatment and prevention of abnormal scars (hypertrophic and keloid)
  • Treatment for burn scars
  • Treatment surgical scars

Content: 20g

How to use Bapscarcare Gel

  • You can start treatment as soon as the wound has closed
  • It can be applied to existing scars immediately
  • Clean and dry the skin before use
  • Use the gel twice a day
  • Reapply it after exercising, showering or bathing

Why loves BAPSCAR Gel:
• Can be worn under make-up
• Scars are prevented, fade or disappear
• Reduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness
• 100% invisible
• Silky soft and instantly dry
• Reduces itching, pain and redness

Benefits of BAPSCAR CARE:

• A medical, silicone therapy that ensures quicker and improved healing of the skin
• Reduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness
• Softer, smoother, more flexible skin
• Enriched with nourishing vitamin E
• Non-greasy, quick-drying gel
• Silicone gel for the treatment of both old and new scars


Following a Reactiv8therapy survey between BAP SCAR CARE Gel and the most widely used silicone gel, as many as 99% of the respondents preferred BAP SCAR CARE Gel. What the respondents said about BAPSCAR SILICONE GEL:

“Feels silky soft”
“Is not greasy or sticky”
“Dries immediately”
“100% invisible”
“Easy to apply”