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Warehouse opening time:

Monday - Thursday

10am-5pm(Same as pick-up time)

(Public holiday close)

Experience Taiwan in Every Sip!

Indulge in the pure taste of Taiwan with Hiya, your reliable supplier for Bubble Tea shops and restaurants across New Zealand. Our 100% Taiwanese teas, juices, and powders, from traditional oolong to refreshing green tea, bring the celebration of Taiwan's natural beauty to every cup.

Why Choose Hiya?

Competitive Wholesale Prices: Hiya offers competitive wholesale prices, making it the preferred supplier for Bubble Tea shops and restaurants throughout New Zealand.

Reliability Since 2001: As a trustworthy wholesaler, Hiya has been in collaboration with numerous local businesses since 2001, ensuring a reliable and consistent partnership.

Personalized Support: We value your business, and our dedicated team is ready to assist and support you in any way possible. Your success is our success!

Choose authenticity, choose Hiya. Discover the essence of Taiwan in every delightful cup and elevate your Bubble Tea experience. Contact us today – we're eager to hear from you! 🍵✨